About Us

The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) is a non-profit organization which advocates for the political interests of eight member Nations in Ontario. It was established in 1969, which was an era in Canadian politics where integration and assimilation of First Nations was a matter of public policy. AIAI is unique among provincial territorial organizations in Canada, because it is an association of several different member Nations; the Oneida, the Mohawk, the Delaware, the Potawatomi and the Ojibway. Each of these Nations has different languages, cultural practises and territories, which span much of the province. However, at AIAI, they form an alliance on political lines to protect their collective Aboriginal and Treaty rights.

Over the years, AIAI has become a leader among First Nation provincial territorial organizations. It has not only represented its member Nations' interests in talks with Ontario and Canada, but also the World. The United Nations assembly has welcomed AIAI leadership on two occasions to learn more about First Nations' substandard living conditions and problems resolving land claims.

AIAI provides political representation and policy analysis in the following areas of mutual concern:

Health, Social Development, Education, Intergovernmental Affairs, Treaty Research and Tax Immunity.

AIAI member Nations represent about 20,000 First Nations citizens from the following communities: the Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways, near Sault Ste. Marie; the Delaware Nation, near Chatham; the Caldwell First Nation, near Leamington; Wahta Mohawks near Parry Sound; the Oneida Nation of the Thames, near London; the Hiawatha First Nation near Peterborough and Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, near Belleville.