Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy (AHWS)

Healing and Wellness Strategy Coordinator - Suzanne Nicholas

The goals of the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy are to improve Aboriginal health and reduce family violence.  This is done through traditional, community based programs throughout AIAI communities.

The community-based programs and services that are administered and available to AIAI communities include:

  • Community Wellness Worker Programs
  • Aboriginal Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program
  • Demonstrated Mental Health Program
  • Shelters and safe houses for women escaping domestic violence and their children


The HWS Coordinator is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of the AHWS, by acting as a liaison between the Member Nations and the provincial government to monitor program objectives, requirements and administration of the Strategy.

Health Social Advisory Board Coordinator and Community Development Specialist – Valerie George

The functions of the H/SAB and Community Development Specialist are to:

  • Support the implementation and management of the AHWS funded programs
  • Work with the Member Nations to provide community development assistance through resources, training, and consultation
  • Coordinate meetings and initiatives of the AIAI Health/Social Advisory Board