Health Director-Cathyrn Mandoka

The Health Director serves in a liaison capacity between the Member Nation’s community health systems and the Federal/Provincial Governments and Chiefs of Ontario on all matters affecting the health of the AIAI membership. The overall goal of this position is to assist in raising the level of health for the AIAI constituency and to facilitate First Nation control over health priorities.  The Health Director notifies and provides briefings to the Health/Social Advisory Board on matters that require input, direction and follow up.  The Health Director is responsible for analyzing health related Government policies and documents in order to provide appropriate recommendations.  The Health Director oversees the efficient and effective administration of the Health Department through planning, development and implementation of the various programs. The Health Director is accountable to the Chiefs Council and reports to the AIAI Office Manager.


Health Promotions Coordinator (HPC) - Carolyn Doxtator

The HPC acts as a liaison with the member Nations and the Provincial Government related to the administration of funding and reporting requirements for the Aboriginal Diabetes Education Program and the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder/Child Nutrition program.  Participation in health fairs, conferences, workshops to set up health promotion displays and dissemination of all health related information to the member Nations in a timely manner is also a responsibility of the Health Promotions Coordinator.  The HPC Works with the Federal Government while participating as AIAI’s representative on various Chiefs of Ontario Office committees such as the Ontario First Nations Integrated Health Promotion Strategy, First Nations Public Health Advisory Committee, and Injury Prevention Advisory Working Group.  The Promotions Coordinator participates in the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative as the PTO representative on the Board of Directors.  Linkages are established with other health agencies by participating in training, meetings, conferences, etc. when required, i.e. Canadian Red Cross, Cancer Care Ontario, AFN, SOAHAC, etc.


HIV-AIDS Educator - Zachariah General

The HIV-AIDS Educator is responsible for raising the level of HIV-AIDS awareness within the Member Nation population and work closely with the member Nations' Health Staff and the organization's Health Department Staff.  The HIV-AIDS Educator assesses and reviews existing education information, teaching aides, and material to ensure it is age and culturally appropriate, and disseminates to Member Nation communities.  Another function of the Educator position is to coordinate and facilitate community workshops and conferences both within the organization as well as within the Member Nations.  The HIV-AIDS Educator participates as the Association’s representative to the Ontario First Nations HIV-AIDS Education Circle program under the umbrella of the Chiefs in Ontario Health Coordination Unit.  Maintaining an up-to-date directory of all First Nations, Provincial or Federal governments/associates/agencies/organizations specific to HIV-AIDS is also a responsibility of the HIV-AIDS Educator.


Responsible Gambling (RG) Coordinator - Lisa Jackson

The RG Coordinator’s role is to provide problem gambling awareness and prevention information to our Member Nations. The strategic direction for AIAI’s Responsible Gambling Program includes the goals and objectives of the Ontario Strategy on Problem gambling:

  • Increase awareness of the risks associated with gambling
  • Increase public awareness of services available for the treatment of problem gambling and how to access them.
  • Prevention programs provide effective, evidence based services that are culturally, linguistically, age and gender appropriate.
  • Decrease negative attitudes towards problem gamblers.

Activities include raising awareness of problem gambling issues, staff training, community education events, culturally appropriate resource development and dissemination of materials, media campaigns including newsletters, advertisements, PSA’s and website updates.