Social Development

Policy Analyst - Stan Cloud

The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) Social Services Department advocates on social issues affecting its Member Nations.  AIAI supports the political goals and aspirations through the development of strategies that address policy issues from its Member Nations positions to the federal and provincial governments. The secretariat function provides research, dissemination of information, administration of funding and policy analysis to member First Nations.

AIAI Social Services Department  provides support and representation to its Member Nations in the following areas:

  • Child Welfare
  • First Nation Child and Family Services
  • Family Law Reform
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Daycare / Childcare
  • Social / Income Assistance
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • The Integration of Persons with Disabilities


AIAI has a working relationship with the Chiefs of Ontario Social Services Coordination Unit (SSCU). This is a formal structure put in place to unite the Provincial Territorial Organizations (PTOs) in their efforts to collectively strategize, coordinate, and lobby for improvements to social conditions, social services and social policy affecting Ontario’s First Nations. The SSCU engages in regular intergovernmental liaising with federal and provincial governments to facilitate information access to its Member Nations.   The SSCU currently deals with issues that include: 1965 Welfare Agreement, Ontario Works, Child and Family Services, Day Care, as well as Homemaker's services.

Communication is a fundamental process towards its Member Nations issues and therefore information is conveyed through various forums such as conferences, workshops, presentations, meetings and other means including media releases, correspondence and AIAI’s website.

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