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World Water Day Rally

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On March 22nd AIAI will be holding a special rally on World Water Day.  We want to spread awareness on how bottling companies are taking everyone's water and selling it back to us.  It damages the environment, steals from communities both environmentally and economically and they make billions while only giving back a small amount. We will be gathering at Victoria park at 11am on March 22nd, an...
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TERM CONTRACT – FN New Teacher Induction Program – Phase II

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS First Nation New Teacher Induction Program – Phase II Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians DESCRIPTION The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) is seeking proposals to fill a Term Consultant position for the AIAI Education Partnership Program (EPP). The project involves the development of a series of Teacher Training Modules which will include P...
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WAAWWIJI’IDIYAANG (Helping Each Other) Training

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Topics will include HIV/AIDS, Harm Reduction, Hep C, TB, Substance Use, Cultural Teachings, Legal Issues, Impacts of Residential School … with opportunities to have meaningful discussions Please complete the registration form attached and send to the attention of: Elly Antone @ or by fax to 519-675-1053. Or by email to: WHO SHOULD REGISTER Community mem...
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On January 23 - 24th, 2019 the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians will be holding a Water Forum in Niagara Falls.  In addition to sharing valuable information on water concerns such as conservation, preservation, the future and more, A.I.A.I. will be holding a photo competition to promote community awareness on water concerns.  The theme of the contest will mirror that of the forum 'Water:...
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Courchene: Here’s why acknowledging Indigenous territories matters

According to Patrick Mascoe‘s recent opinion piece, acknowledging Indigenous territories is a meaningless and patronizing gesture that only has the “power to erase white guilt and restore Indigenous pride.” Backed by the opinion of an Algonquin scholar and sound bites from the prime minister, Mascoe notes that actions, not words, are the only way to achieve reconciliation. As such, acknowledging I...
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Trudeau Gov’t’s Plan to Entrench 4th Level of Indigenous Gov’t & Permanent Subjugation of First Nations

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Liberal PR is nothing but a cover for a termination agenda by RUSSELL DIABO Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tudeau. Photo: 2017 Canada Summer Games [Creative Commons] From the First Nations Strategic Bulletin, April - September 2018 issue In October 2015, a Liberal government came into power with promises of reconciliation and a new “nation to nation” relationship with Indigenous ...
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Recognition of Rights Framework risks terminating rights for Indigenous people

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The proposed framework functions like a cage, a legal apparatus that assumes all sovereignty and jurisdiction belong to the federal and provincial governments. The Trudeau government intends to introduce legislation on a Recognition of (Indigenous) Rights Framework this fall. The initial drafts are not encouraging. Beware of federal politicians bearing beads and trinkets. This framework is not ...
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Call for proposals on Database

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The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) Education department is in the process of developing an AIAI Data management system for AIAI member Nations. The project is intended to help member Nations collect, analyze and align the data from a student-centered approach based on First Nations student success standards. The purpose of the needs assessment report is to help identify the g...
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AFN Resolution – First Nations Determination to the Path to Decolonization

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Please see attached link to the resolution that was passed on July 26th at the Annual General Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations in Vancouver.  The resolution discusses The First Nations inherent right to self-determination and how it pre-exists contact with the external government.  Our rights cannot be surrendered, extinguished or modified like what is attempting to be done by the cur...
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