Employment Opportunity – Social Development Policy Advisor

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Employment Opportunity

Social Development – Policy Advisor



The Social Development – Policy Advisor is a professional technical administrative position involving the planning, organization, evaluation and analysis of policy, in the areas of Social Services at a Provincial, Federal and First Nation level.

The Social Development – Policy Advisor must have a strong capacity to earn trust and demonstrate leadership and creativity in supporting a broad range of Social Services issues. The Social Development Policy Advisor will have the ability to create a productive hospitable working environment for staff members and collaborating colleagues. He/She will be expected to work cooperatively with and complement the activities of the AIAI Policy Unit, Executive and Chiefs Council.


  • Promote and implement the principals of the AIAI Member Nations in relation to Social Services
  • Develop programs to increase the amount of control that first nations have over social services based on the inherent right  to manage their own programs
  • Implement AIAI’s Social Services Strategy(s) in all appropriate for a to meet the needs of the AIAI member Nations
  • Operate special projects and/or events as identified.
  • Maintain communications with AIAI leadership, Member Nations and funding agencies for the purpose of accountability
  • Establish and maintain contacts with the appropriate organizations and committees to obtain support in addressing the needs of the AIAI Member Nations
  • Summarize, analyze and provide briefings to the AIAI Chiefs Council and/or Member Nations as necessary on directives, objectives and issues affecting Member Nations
  • Liaison Between the federal and Provincial Governments and their agencies, and the Member Nations to ensure effective communications and negotiations on relevant issues
  • Submit funding proposals to all potential sources of financial support
  • Provide Accurate information on First Nation political positions
  • Prepare monthly activity reports and background papers on Social Service issues
  • Prepare and control budget, work plans and cash flow charts
  • Participate in meetings with the Chiefs of Ontario, Assembly of First Nations, Provincial/ territorial organizations, education authorities, tribal councils, First Nations
  • Reporting responsibilities to the Health/ Social Advisory Board Promote cooperative working relationship within First Nation communities
  • All other related duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Office Manager.


  • University degree or College diploma in Social Services preferred
  • 3 + years related work experience in Social Services
  • Working knowledge of First Nations Social Services issues preferred
  • Understanding of Nation Social Programs and budgetary and planning cycles
  • Knowledge of various portions of legislation and funding instruments relevant to First Nations communities in the field of Social Services in both Federal and Provincial government areas.
  • Ability to analyze and summarize government initiatives and related legislation policies, reports, position papers and program services for First Nations
  • Must have experience working with First nation organizations.
  • Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work within deadlines under minimal supervision.
  • Must have demonstrated skills in employee supervision.
  • Ability to work within a team environment.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be able to travel to areas throughout Ontario.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Native ancestry preferred.

Work Conditions

  • Some travel is required
  • Ability to attend and conduct presentations
  • Manual dexterity required to use desktop computer and peripherals
  • Overtime as required


  • Competitive salary level based on the AIAI Salary grid

Deadline for Application

  • September 29, 2017

Please submit a cover letter and resume along with three references (two employment related) to the attention of:

Geoff Stonefish, Office Manager

Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians

387 Princess Ave

London, Ontario

N6B 2A7


fax 519- 675-1053