A Communiqué from Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee

UOI OFFICES – This evening (Wednesday, June 28th) a peaceful demonstration was planned to that would begin a four-day public education and awareness campaign–a youth-led plan that was to begin with the a installing a tipi on the grounds of Parliament Hill. This tipi is to function as a base to draw attention to “share and teach people their stories”. Ceremony is to be conducted led by grandmothers who are present as well. I am advised that permission was sought by the Algonquin Nation as per protocol.
I was travelling to Ottawa for a Chiefs Committee on Health meeting and joined our youth to demonstrate support. I’m kind of in the mix of things now.
Many of the youth here are from Anishinabek Nation communities. There is currently a stand-off. It’s still a peaceful situation despite a few people being handcuffed by the RCMP. The mood escalates at times but the beat of the drum appears to set a mood of calm. It’s now nearing midnight and I am certain many are committed to staying the course.
I want to make you aware of this situation and ask for your prayers that the situation remains peaceful. I suspect there will be a significant increase in security presence in the next few days as we near July 1st.
Please monitor this situation for regular updates. Miigwech.
Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee
Grand Council Chief