London, Ontario January 22nd, 2021 – The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians would like to extend their congratulations to Laurie Carr of Hiawatha First Nation, Mississaugas of Rice Lake, on her re-election to Chief.

Chief Carr will continue her work for her Citizens and Community and proudly follows in the footsteps of her father Frank Cowie who was Chief of Hiawatha from 1977 to 1997.  Her impressive background in the Health/Social Field, growing up under the strong Leadership of her Father, and work in various political roles gives her a wide range of experience to draw upon.  Chief Carr stated “I am honoured to be re-elected as Chief and am grateful to our Citizens for the trust they give to me and have in my leadership.  I look forward to working with Council and continuing the good work for our Community under the guidance of our Ancestors, Citizens, and our generations to come.” 

Grand Chief Joel Abram states “Chief Carr is a strong Indigenous Woman with a quick wit, a good spirit and a great sense of humor.  I like working with her for many reasons, but most of all for her strong sense of responsibility to make sure she can do all she can for her people.  I congratulate her and her newly elected council members, and I look forward on continuing to work with her on many issues together.”  Deputy Grand Chief Stacia Loft adds “Chief Carr has been leading her community for fours terms as Chief and I am proud to know her. I am fully confident that Hiawatha made a great choice to have her continue in this leadership role. I just started in a my new role myself and I look to her for guidance and support as we work together for our people”.

Along with Chief Carr Hiawatha has a re-elected Council Members Kathryn Wilson, Cynthia Gray, Jeff Loucks and Kirk Edwards, and new Member of Council Kayla Howard.  AIAI would like to congratulate them as well to their positions and we look forward to a good future together.