London, Ontario February 23rd, 2022 – February 23rd is Pink Shirt Day which marks the fight against bullying and to raise awareness on issues of self-esteem and mental health.  It is more important than ever in these times that we unite in our anti-bullying efforts given the recent events of racism, appropriation and the need to support each other.

Grand Chief Joel Abram says “Bullying has been a bane on society, borne through ignorance, trauma, and many other factors. Nobody likes a bully so being one by way of belittling, assault, coercement, intimidation, insult, or other toxic behaviour will not gain you any fans. One only has to look at the recent occupation of Ottawa for an example of this. There can indeed be very serious repercussions for not only the bully but the victims of bullying first and foremost, and we should not tolerate it in any form, whether it comes from an individual, organization, group, or government.”

Deputy Grand Chief Stacia Loft states “Bullying is harmful and destructive to one’s spirit and it’s not restricted to children and youth in school yards.  It is insidious and impacts all ages of the life cycle, and manifests in many forms that includes lateral violence.  Many of us may not be aware how it has crept into our lives.  From children being teased for wearing their hair long, to adults misunderstanding views on Indigenous ways of life, we need to combat bullying by identifying harmful behaviours, stopping those behaviours, and through raising awareness of anti-bullying practices and programs.”

AIAI wears pink today to help promote anti-bullying and requests people to practice and promote kindness to everyone to show that people are not alone and help is available if needed.

(Pictured below is Deputy Grand Chief Stacia Loft in her Pink Shirt)

Deputy Grand Chief Stacia Loft