London, Ontario March 19th, 2020 – One of the responsibilities of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians is the health and well-being of our Nations community Members. The presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a concern to all of us and it continues to be monitored by our staff.

In an effort to protect our people we have formed an emergency management team whose task is solely focused on new updates and information that comes out about COVID-19. Soon an information package will be available that will contain information that will help to remind our community members about the basics of how to keep healthy. A section on our website and social media will be created to keep track of new upcoming information and updated as more information becomes available. Grand Chief Joel Abram states “It is important that we don’t allow this to control us through fear, to stay calm, and to keep in mind all the preventative information available to us. As stated elsewhere, the best way we can stay together right now is by staying apart. Myself, along with other Indigenous leaders, have been in contact with various federal agencies , provincial authorities, and officials to ensure that adequate resources and accurate, timely information are available for First Nations people.”

Some communities have taken the pre-cautions of closing their administration buildings and we encourage others to strongly consider doing so as well. AIAI has closed it’s office until April 6th but will continue to operate through a work from home policy. Our staff will continue to be of service to our member Nations through this situation.