Toronto, Ontario, February 14, 2017 – The Chiefs Council gathered together to discuss important issues that affect their communities such as the Annual General Assembly, the Environment, Social Development issues, and The Health Social Advisory Board.  All serve as  vital aspects in the lives of Indigenous people that will help to shape their future.

The Annual General Assembly will be taking part on May 29th to the 31st where for the first time in years a standing selection process will occur to elect a new Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief.  The procedure will have those nominated stand in an area and those supporting them will stand behind them and the one with the majority will be granted the position.

Environmental issues were explored such as the carbon offset, and the water situation.  Community members are paying for the carbon offset as the minister claims it’s not a tax but why there was never any consultation done on this with our people.  The water situation where the Ontario Government has put a big charge on keeping up with standards set by them and why we have not been brought in on it.

These are a few of the many issues discussed today to seek the rights we were promised to the Indigenous people and we will continue to progress and make our voices heard.