London, Ontario April 22nd, 2022 – The theme for Earth Day this year from is ‘Invest in Our Planet’ and the website calls for governments, citizens and businesses to do their part to find solutions to combat climate change. While this is a noble theme the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians have a different standpoint that relates to the responsibilities that Indigenous Peoples have to the earth.
Grand Chief Joel Abram states “The creator entrusted our people with a deep connection and responsibility to the earth to make sure it is cared for and to ensure its health for future generations. We have been taught to always look ahead not just to our children or even our children’s children but 7 full generations ahead of us to see that they are cared for just as our ancestors have done and fought for us. We have always championed the need to keep the earth clean, the air pure and the water clear of pollution as our mark for future generations.”
Deputy Grand Chief Stacia Loft states “Indigenous Peoples have always held a community mindset to care for Mother Earth, not just for our benefit, but for all peoples that live on the land. The world we live in today is far from the one our ancestors grew up in seven generations ago and it’s our responsibility to heal the earth so that children seven generations from now, have clean water to drink, and sustainable land to live on.”
The message to combat climate change is an excellent theme but we also call upon everyone to do their part no matter how big or small that may be. Picking up garbage, using environmentally friendly materials or leave nothing to waste helps to make a difference.