Oneida Nation of the Thames

Oneida Nation of the Thames is posting for the position of Chief Administrative Officer.

The Chief Administrative Officer will be responsible for leading, developing and managing successful operations of the organization. The CAO will be responsible for systematically sampling the adequacy and reliability of internal control and accounting systems. The CAO performs financial and security audits in all program locations of the organization to review and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and will ensure the achievement of budget targets. The CAO will ensure that policies, programs, and services are carried out efficiently and effectively and they will support the senior management team in achieving performance objectives. The CAO will ensure that all duties, programs, and services are undertaken in accordance with applicable regulations and standards and are delivered in accordance with the organization’s vision and maintained at optimal level. The CAO will provide leadership for planning and executing a strategic vision that meets the current and future needs of the Nation. Responsibilities require the CAO ensure the undertaking of day-to- day business and delivery of services is consistent with Council Policies and Procedures, legislative, regulatory requirements, and other contract conditions. The CAO will ensure duty of care and corporate responsibility in the exercise of duties on behalf of the Employer.

CLOSING DATE: April 22, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

For more information you can download a copy of the posting below