First Nations Chief challenges Harper’s income splitting policy as inequitable

This week Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a $2.7 Billion income-splitting policy which will provide the greatest benefit to the highest income earners while short-handing low-income families.

Nearly half of all benefits will flow to those making over $100,000 a year. The single biggest share of the almost $3 billion plan (23.9%) will be received by men earning more than $182,000 with spouses who have no or little income.

“This inequitable policy will continue to provide large tax-breaks to well-off, statistically non-native families,” said AIAI Grand Chief Gordon Peters. “The conservative government is giving hand-outs to the most affluent Canadians mere months before the federal election, and leaving our kids behind in the process.”

The median income for First Nations people is $22,500 (off-reserve) and $14,000 (on-reserve). A First Nations family with two income-earners might make an average household income of $28,000 – $45,000 based on these statistics.

The tax benefit for a couple in this range would be between $14 and $38. Meanwhile, the top 1% of Canadians who make just under a half-million dollars will see a benefit of over $3,000.

Despite being advertised as a policy to help kids and families, income splitting only favors certain kinds of families and does not apply to single-parent households.

This affects many of the most vulnerable populations in Canada and will have a much higher impact on First Nations families where rates of single-parent homes are much higher. 34.4% of First Nations kids live in single-parent homes, compared to 17.4% of non-native kids.

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