Media Release – Beyak for assimilation and loss of culture

London, Ontario September 14, 2017 – In Canada there are strong human rights laws and systems to address discrimination.  However, the recent comments made by Senator Lynn Beyak is a sad example that racism and discrimination still exists in Canada.

Racism is about one group feeling and acting superior to another group ranging from racial jokes and slurs to hate crimes.  One has to question why she is still holding firm to the belief that Indigenous people need to be assimilated when most people have ignored her arrogant comments.  Maybe she is in need of attention due to a dying political career or maybe she is acting out due to her removal from the Aboriginal Peoples Committee.  Maybe she is not in the right frame of mind due to sickness or maybe she has ties to a supremacist organization.

A.I.A.I. Deputy Grand Chief Gord Peters says “There is no room for this kind poisoned mind that threatens to derail everything that has been built. It’s a mystery why she is grasping for such antiquated views in the light of recent developments.”

Regardless of her reasoning her views are not welcome among rational people.