MEDIA RELEASE: Ottawa To Give Fair Share (?)


Ottawa, Ontario November 27th 2017 – Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Grand Chief Joel Abram will be joined by A.I.A.I chiefs from different communities in Ottawa today. They will be meeting with the honorable Jane Philpott, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, to discuss why our people are not receiving a fair share in a number of areas.
One such concern is the polluted drinking water within our communities and the lack of fund’s that was promised for operations and maintenance. Some communities still rely on wells, some of which are contaminated and have traces of E. Coli. Grand Chief Joel Abram says ‘We’re in a bit of a black hole right now. It’s appalling what our people live through in this day. We hope that this discussion will facilitate a solution to these areas. We are open to talk but it can’t be a one way conversation’
Other key notes to be examined is education, taxation, housing, policing, mental health and the upcoming cannabis legalization. Many of these points are either badly outdated in Ottawa or are in need of focus as they have a deep effect on the communities. It is hoped that the Minister will be ready to help find answers and solutions for many of these outstanding concerns and a people that have to live in these conditions.