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AIAI supports the citizens of our Member Nations to practice healthy lifestyles through a health promotion strategy. This work includes health promotion activities in our Member Nation communities as well as participation in joint committees and initiatives across the province.


First Nations have comparatively higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, suicide, HIV/AIDS, mental health, and substance abuse when compared to the rest of Canada. Cancer rates among First Nations are also on the rise. Health promotion and education is vital for disease prevention and early detection.

Through our health promotion strategy, community members can access valuable health information at health fairs, our annual Elder’s Gathering, and through resources sent directly to our communities. Our community members are also encouraged to seek assistance using traditional medicines, and/or western medicines in order to address their personal health concerns.

An Elder once said that to live in harmony, one must try to live in balance within the realm of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and this is a work in progress.


AIAI’s Healthy Promotions Coordinator serves as a representative on the Ontario First Nation Integrated Health Promotion Strategy, the Trilateral Mental Health and Addictions Working Group, the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, and the Joint Ontario Aboriginal Cancer Care Committee.

All of the work from these committees is shared with each of our Member Nations.

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Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Staff Contact

Name: Carolyn S. Doxtator

Email: cdoxtator@aiai.on.ca

Phone: 519.434.2761 ext. 231