AIAI Position

AIAI provides a comprehensive culture-based program for problem gambling for our Member Nations. This program supports our Member Nations to develop an integrated and coordinated approach to problem gambling prevention and for the management of existing problem gambling effects within their communities.


The key long-term goals and objectives for our Member Nations’ citizens include:

  • Reduce the level of problem gambling
  • Increase awareness of risks associated with gambling
  • Increase public awareness of services available for the treatment of problem gambling and how to access them
  • Decrease negative attitudes towards problem gamblers
  • Minimize or eliminate the factors that contribute to the development of problem gambling
  • Qualified trained/certified community prevention program staff
  • communities

Contribute to the improvement of the overall health and well-being of First Nations individuals, families and

Our program shares information to our Member Nations’ citizens through health centres, schools, community centres, day care centres, parks & recreation areas, healing lodges, and independent industries. We provide brochures, advertisements, news articles in newsletters, workshops, seminars, educational materials and promotional items.

News & Events

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Brochure: “Know the Score, Know the Risks”

Poster: “Gambling harms you and others around you”

5×9 Brochure 

Staff Contact

Name: Lisa Jackson

Email: ljackson@aiai.on.ca

Phone: 519.434.2761 ext. 244