The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) is seeking proposals for a consultant for the AIAI Health Transformation initiative. The consultant will build upon previous work relating to Health Transformation and conduct an engagement process and finalize a strategic plan with the AIAI member Nations regarding Health Transformation.

The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians is a non-profit political territorial organization (PTO) that was established in 1969. The organizations primary mandate is political advocacy and representation for the purposes of defending and enhancing the Indigenous rights and treaty relationships of its seven (7) member First Nations in Ontario. AIAI is unique among provincial associations because of the diversity of its members. AIAI represents Oneida, Mohawk, Delaware, Potawatomi and Ojibway communities in Ontario, which have different languages, cultural practices and a wide-spread geographic area. Collectively, AIAI’s member First Nation communities have a population of over 20,000 peoples.The organization is overseen by the AIAI Chiefs Council, which is comprised of the elected Chief of each member First Nation. Chiefs Council acts as the Board of Directors for the organization, and provides direction to AIAI’s political executive, which is comprised of the Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief.The AIAI Health Social Advisory Board (HSAB) is comprised of three representatives per member Nation (health, social, political). The Board meets bi-annually and provides advice and recommendations to the Chiefs Council regarding impacting and emerging health and social issues.

The project arises in response to a Tri-lateral process between the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and the Ministry of Health.The mandate of the project is to lead an engagement process, gather input from AIAI member Nations on improving the health care system and improve access for all member Nations citizens.


  • Engagement with AIAI communities as directed by Health and Wellness Manager and the Health/Social Advisory Board
  • Prioritization of Immediate Needs Identified by AIAI communities
  • Identification of Individual community vs. aggregate approaches
  • Oversee financial analysis of Health Programs in AIAI Communities to determine financial gaps
  • Development of research plan for AIAI Health Transformation
  • Development of a plan to implement the AIAI Health Systems Transformation Project Framework Plan (identification of short, medium and long term goals).
  • Develop and design Health and Wellness Blueprint (current issues, challenges, priorities, and strategies to address).
  • Completion of Briefing notes, Issues/Leave documents, presentations to AIAI member Nations.
  • Remain informed and maintain linkages with other First Nation Health System Transformation initiatives nationally.
  • Prepare timely monthly, quarterly and annual reports for accountability and funding requirements
  • Developing documents such as correspondence, work plans, contracts, agreements, reports and budgets
  • Liaise with government institutions as required

Respondents must meet the following mandatory requirements:

1. Respondents must have excellent writing and analytical skills

2. Respondents must have extensive research and data collection experience and capabilities

3. Respondents must have experience working with First Nation organizations and First Nation communities.

4. Respondents must be willing to collaborate and work with relevant staff/leaders/participants in the project.

5. Respondents must be willing to conduct community engagements virtually during the COVID travel restrictions.

6. Respondents must be willing to travel extensively when travel restrictions are lifted to AIAI member First Nations

7. Respondents must have the skills and abilities to deliver the scope of the project and key deliverables in a time sensitive manner.

The consultant will work directly with and report to the AIAI Health and Wellness Manager.Monitoring of the project will be done by the AIAI Health/Social Advisory Board and final approval by AIAI Chiefs Council.

Respondents are asked to submit a written proposal outlining their qualifications as well as a detailed plan for their approach to completing the project duties/key deliverables as outlined above.Please note: AIAI is willing to discuss budget outlines with respondents. Please contact Geoff Stonefish at 519 434-2761 or by email: gstonefish@aiai.on.ca.

Submissions will be accepted until September 18, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. Applicants are asked to submit their proposal to the Association marked as follows;

Attn: Director of Operations
Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians
387 Princess Ave.,
London, ON N6B 2A7Or

by email: