Today we Honor Women: International Women’s Day

London, Ontario, March 8th, 2018 – March 8th is known world wide as international women’s day which is held annually to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history. Women from all walks of life on this day are recognized regardless of divisions in ethnicity, nation or culture.
First Nations women are at the heart of all our nation’s. Chief Denise Stonefish states “We take this time to celebrate them today, honor those that have gone on before us and remember those that are missing and murdered”. For centuries our women have been keepers in our ways and the grandmothers have been an essential link to our past and traditions. We are grateful for everyday that they remain with us to provide guidance, wisdom and stories that were passed down, from them to us, for generations.
From the days of our ancestors to today First Nations girls have grown into strong young intelligent women. They work hard in the world in every field from medicine to sports, from politics to the arts and have made tremendous strides. They do no hold back or allow anything to stop them in their path from achieving amazing accomplishments.
We thank women for being in our lives and their continued contributions to our indigenous communities. Their sacred role in our culture as keepers and life givers should be honored everyday, but we are happy that on March 8th all women will be recognized for who they are.