Media Release
London, Ontario November 8th, 2017 – The first week of November is officially recognized by Ontario as Treaties Recognition Week. It is important to for everyone to know the details of what is on the treaties. Since their creation what has been written within them have been neglected so, people have a misguided view of the rights promised to the Indigenous peoples.

Many people have a negative perspective about Indigenous people rights. It is the hope that Treaties Recognition Week can help to overcome the lack of understanding people have about Indigenous people. A.I.A.I. Grand Chief Joel Abram states “Not only are we all treaty people, we all have the responsibility to understand them, uphold them, and defend them.”
Some people are under the view that one treaty is the same as another and they group together all indigenous community situations as being one in the same. This is not true though as some have different arrangements from others and the level of rights vary with each nation. A.I.A.I. Deputy Grand Chief Gord Peters says “Treaties are international instruments acknowledged by the United Nations and cannot be altered by a single party. Treaties did not extinguish our title to land, they simply created relationship of co-existence. They are the basis of our consent for our lands and resources.”
By bringing awareness it is hoped that people will stop generalizing or trivializing what many go through and healing can proceed among all people.