London, Ontario June 2nd, 2020 – In 2009, the House of Commons officially recognized the creation of National Aboriginal History Month.  This month acknowledges the role Indigenous people have played in history, the importance of our history and the diversity within First Nations from coast to coast throughout North America.

Grand Chief Joel Abram states “Last year the month was used to help bring awareness to Indigenous languages and how important it was we maintain them as they play a strong role in who we are.  This year it is our hope that people will reflect on how far we have come and still have a long way to go to eliminate racism and bring about a level of equality. We don’t have to look at the racial crisis happening in the US right now to know that a lot of the same attitudes prevail towards Indigenous and other minorities in Canada.  During this time of crisis we wish to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of First Nations, Metis and Inuit People.”

Even during difficult times such as COVID-19 and MMIWG we will show our strength for the sake of our future generations and honor the struggles of our ancestors to forge ahead.  We ask you during this month to reach out to an Indigenous friend and ask a question, share a story and seek to learn about our people.