London, Ontario March 8th, 2017 – International Women’s Day is meant to honor their rights, and triumphs and it is important to also remember the difficulties that Indigenous women go through.  Women are there for us as caregivers, protectors and teachers.  As mothers they guide us through our everyday lives, as equals they are just as strong and determined as their   counterparts.  Many of them show real strength in raising children as single parents at times filling the roles of mother and father.  We must also remember the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and we need to honor them so they will not be forgotten.

A.I.A.I. Deputy Grand Chief Denise Stonefish is currently attending the 5th National Indigenous Women’s Summit she states “As today’s role models for our young girls and boys, we must raise awareness in honoring our First Nations’ women’s rights and celebrating their triumphs; and by never relinquishing the connection to the past, we must continue to shed light on the inequalities and the injustices that First Nation women continue to face.

Today, education has the power to change our young women and girls lives. The knowledge and skills they gain will assist in empowering them to reach their full potential. Women have always played a central role in our families, our communities and our Nations. Women should be looked upon with respect and the dignity that they once had in our societies.”

In this day it is imperative that we keep the struggles that all women have gone through in life, in family and in society in general.  Indigenous women struggle with discrimination and racism as they are targeted for their gender and culture.  A.I.A.I Grand Chief Gord Peters states “They are our daughters, our aunts, our mothers and grandmothers and we cannot forget everything they go through.  March 8th is a day we honor them and it’s only right we are there for them”

Hearing the stories told on March 8th as many voices come together united as one and cry out to be heard it’s only right for us to give them the recognition they deserve.

*Note: Pictured is A.I.A.I.’s Administrative Assistant Shayna, we are proud of her and all the women that work at A.I.A.I.