Media Release

London Ontario, January 24th, 2017 – A recent report by the Privy Council Office outlines what First Nations people have always known; The government is still slow to react to the needs of the Indigenous people despite campaign promises to move swiftly.  The report has shown that the liberal government’s promises have fallen short and have not achieved any headway in obtaining any of the objectives for First Nations..

The Trudeau government’s key commitments during election has lacked any real change in regards to housing, finance and development have been neglected as evidenced by recent events in First Nations communities and the treatment of the Chiefs and their organizations

  • The fire in Southern Ontario resulted in five deaths due to federal neglect of First Nation housing needs that have excited for decades.
  • Due to reports that show the Federal government have known about the problems with suicide in remote northern First Nations yet did nothing to help those in Wapekeka.
  • A.I.A.I. reached out in November at an Ottawa Lobby for answers but pleas fell on deaf ears with no concrete answers.  When financing does come there is little to no time to properly plan and distribute to communities that need it.

It’s like the conservative agenda is still in place” – Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Grand Chief Gord Peters

The reflection of Gord Peters is accurate when the Trudeau Government possesses shades of the Harper government.  Other chiefs share this view as they have seen these issues come and go over the past decade with no resolution in sight.  Action must be taken and a proper precedent needs to be established before there can be a future.