Oneida Nation of the Thames Is Protecting Their Families


Oneida Nation of the Thames Settlement (February 3, 2016) – The Elected Council of the Oneida Nation of the Thames will protect our families by asserting our jurisdiction in many areas, in particular, the area of child welfare.

Despite legislation that requires Children’s Aid Society’s (CAS) to consult with the First Nation under the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA), Oneida Nation of the Thames finds itself in the position of continually requesting this legal obligation to be met. On February 1, 2016 Oneida Nation of the Thames’ elected Chief and Council came to a consensus to no longer work in this manner.

The Children’s Aid Society {CAS) of London and Middlesex has been ignoring their responsibility to consult with the Nation. Oneida Nation found one Supervisor from, Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex, continually disregarded the Nation’s representatives present at meetings, consultations and even entered on the Nation Territory without prior notification. Despite drawing attention to this issue, futile efforts were made to correct this infraction. Instead, efforts were made to discredit Oneida Nation Band Representatives. These actions are unacceptable to the Nation.

On February 2, 2016 Oneida Nation advised the Supervisor concerned, that he was banned from attending the Oneida Nation of the Thames and working with Oneida citizens. All CAS of London and Middlesex workers he supervised were also banned with the exception of one worker. Oneida Nation has a long history of dealing with agencies who possess this type of arrogance and we no longer have the patience to tolerate agencies that pick and choose which parts of legislation they will follow.

Oneida Nation will no longer accept the refusal of the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex to consult with the Nation. When these CAS supervisors were asked how many Native workers they had working on their Native specific team, they advised zero. This is despite the number of Native files they carry.

This occurs in Canada in 2016, despite the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Final Report and the Human Rights Tribunal where the government was found to discriminate against First Nations Children involved in the Child Welfare System.

“It is time for change in the way we work with all agencies, organizations and governments. No longer will we accept to be second class citizens in a land where we are recognized as the First Nations. Our Families, Our People and Our Indigenous Nations deserve better than this. We look forward to a renewed relationship at all levels on a variety of issues. Today, this issue is on Indigenous Child Welfare”, stated Sheri Doxtator Yehs^nowán (Elected Chief of Oneida Nation).

The Canadian Government has systematically targeted First Nations children to destroy, First Nations families and culture. Oneida Nation will no longer permit this discriminatory act of oppression to be a practice of the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex.

Oneida Nation of the Thames is located in southwestern Ontario, Canada and has a current population of almost 5900. The Elected Council will strive to govern and manage our own affairs with the courage to exercise our sovereignty and independence as we evolve into the future.

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